It is our duty to strengthen the personal autonomy of persons with mental health disorders. We have introduced this core value to each and every social and business project. The most relevant ones are outlined here:

Expert patient program

The “expert patient” is a person affected by a chronic illness with the knowledge and ability to take charge over mental illness by identifying its symptoms and coping with its physical, emotional, and social impact, thereby improving his/her quality of life. This feature has been seamlessly integrated into all the services of our organization.

Ens patina l’embrague

This is a radio magazine conceived, conducted, and produced by persons with mental health disorders, offering quality information and relevant content, while teaching basic and transversal communication skills. It is a very effective tool in order to fight against the social stigma associated with mental health and to increase awareness on mental health. This initiative was conceived on January 12, 2004, promoted by Drissa Foundation, currently with more than 700 shows on air. The radio show is always open to the participation of all interested public, subsidized or private mental health network users in the Girona region.

En aquest enllaç trobareu més informació i podreu escoltar els nostres programes.

Learning in the school garden

This is an inclusive educational project. This endeavor is comprised of people with mental health disorders who teach young school boys and girls to properly manage a vegetable garden while also allowing them to learn some basic skills.

This project also includes volunteers from la Caixa and EspaiCaixa and has been recognized as an inspiring Democratic Governance and social transformation experience within the Third Social Sector (La Confederació 2018 Awards). It has also been acknowledged by the City Council of Girona and awarded the Joaquim Franch grant.

Skill Improvement

Drissa Foundation has developed a skill assessment system for its employees affected by a mental health disorder. This assessment is always defined and agreed upon in conjunction with the employee. It includes skills such as leadership abilities and autonomy at the workplace. Its main purpose is helping these employees to achieve the main job objectives, thus finding a job in the open labor market.

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