Housing Service

Its main purpose is to give necessary support to people living with mental health issues in order to live independently and fully integrated in their community.

Domestic Home-Based Care Service

This service consists of an organized and coordinated set of actions carried out at the user’s place, providing personal attention, urgent care if needed, domestic help, and social support on demand. The main goal is to boost the person’s freedom and achieve adequate cohabitation conditions.

Supported Housing

Supported housing is a rehabilitation unitintegrated into the Mental Health and Addictions Network to provide support to people with severe mental health issues with no family support nor the necessary economic resources that would allow them to live independently in the community. Its goal is to allow them to live with the community with the required professional assistance in day-to-day functioning of each apartment.

Drissa Foundation owns an apartment where a maximum of six people can live together.

Home Autonomy Program (PSALL)

The purpose of this program is to assist the person in his/her day-to-day life both at home and in the community to improve his/her personal space and ensure his/her integration with the community.

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