Our achievements

Drissa Foundation was founded on March 23, 1999, with the mission of improving the quality of life of the persons with mental health issues through employment. It was a decisive commitment of the Healthcare Assistance Institute and two acknowledged entrepreneurs from the Girona region. In this event, in 2019, we unfolded an important communication plan to review the results and milestones achieved in the span of 20 years.


More than 1000 persons welcomed

More than 130 employees

More than 80 professionals with mental health issues

275 people assisted by our services every day

€3 million annual budget

35% labor insertion rate

20 years of service

A special employment center, with 5 developed business lines





Ecological vegetable farm

Training service with 65 occupied places located in Girona, Santa Coloma de Farners, and Figueres

Ordinary labor market support service with 80 places

Housing service with 48 attenders

More than 700 radio shows on air

Added to a great business project: Biodrissa, an inclusive, ecological, and sustainable brand

Vegetable farm

Kitchen workshop



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