Training service


What is the training service?

Our training service is a specialized social service coordinated with social, health, training, and employment services.

What is our objective?

To enable people with social problems derived from mental illness to initiate a work pathway and achieve effective insertion into the ordinary labor market or in protected employment or to resume their studies and receive training.

What are the enrollment criteria?

  • To have a diagnosed severe mental disorder
  • To be of working age
  • To have resident status in Catalonia or be in compliance with the immigration law
  • To present a satisfactory degree of self-autonomy and a psychopathological condition that allows working or acquiring work habits
  • To be undergoing treatment and linked to a mental health service or specialist

What services do we offer?

  • Theoretical, technical, and professional training workshops
  • Socio-labor orientation
  • Guidance during the training process

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